Hi Service is a proud supplier of Paloma gas geysers and heaters!

The Paloma group is the world leading producer of gas geyers and gas heaters. The company was established in 1911 in Japan, and is now available in 20 different countries.

The Paloma range covers a wide range of uses, and is used successfully in both the residential and commercial market. Paloma takes pride in developing the highest level of gas safety in the industry. Each product is tested and certified to make sure it complies with the Paloma promise of quality.

Paloma engineers have studied the South African climate, varying altitude and water quality to make sure that the product released in the South African marketplace will deliver on the jobs they are designed for.


Paloma Gas Heater

Keep warm with a Paloma Gas Heater. A benefit of gas space heaters is that they do not dry the air. During the combustion process, water vapour is released, keeping the air moist and comfortable for your environment. This process also heats the air and keeps it healthy, assisting people’s immune systems in the Winter months.

Paloma Gas Geyser

Heat your water on demand with a Paloma Gas Geyser. One of the key benefits to gas geysers is that they instantly heat water, so there is less waiting around for the heat we desire from a good shower. This also promotes less water wastage, as there is no waiting for the perfect temperature before the water is used.

Contact us to discuss which Paloma Products will best service your needs.

For large scale projects or residential developments, we can consult on which product will be your best fit.

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  • 072 581 7450

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