Paloma Standard Remote Controller

For Paloma geysers

How they work:

  • Temperature controller is directly connected with thin communication cable to Paloma Tankless Water Heater
  • Temperature controller can be located up to 20 meters away from Paloma in convenient spot client requires
  • Individuals can instantly choose their preferred hot water temperature to shower or bath in without having to mix cold water in.

Features & Benefits:

  • Instant Hot Water Temperature selection (Up or Down)
  • Hot water volume control with notification alarm
  • Gas consumption and usage improves as precise water temperature is chosen
  • No energy wasted – Only generate the hot water temperature you require
  • Enjoy the luxury of choosing your preferred hot water temperature any time….every time.
  • Up to 3 Temperature controllers (1 x Kitchen / 2 x Bathroom) can be added onto one Paloma Gas Water Heater


  • Standard Kitchen Controller: 37°C to 46°C (in 1°C increments), 48°C, 50°C, 55°C, 60°C
  • Standard Bathroom Controller: 37°C to 46°C (in 1°C increments), 48°C, 50°C


  • 120mm (H) x 120mm (W) x 24mm (D)


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