Paloma Manifold Controller

For Paloma geysers

How does it work:

  • Up to 6 Paloma Tankless Gas Water Heaters are installed in parallel to supply larger volumes of Hot Water at one time
  • Paloma Water Heaters are link together by a MIC- Controller & data cables which gives them the ability to communicate with each other at all times.
  • Workload automatically is spread evenly between all Paloma Water Heaters so 1st, 2nd & 3rd water heater inline does not get overworked increasing lifespan of  Water Heaters
  • Depending on how much water is needed 1 or both units may be in operation at any one time, depending on the hot water demands. The first unit will be in operation on it’s own until the demand exceeds it’s maximum capacity
  • Hot & Cold water plumbing lines done in parallel
  • All Water heaters on system supply the same set temp hot water at any given time.


  • Bulk hot Water supply without comprising space or increased electricity bills from one central point
  • Start small and add additional Water heater units as needed
  • If one unit should break down the other units can still supply hot water
  • Great for Commercial applications (Sport Clubs, Schools, Breweries, Dairies, Accommodation, Manufacturing, Small Housing Developments)

Additional Feature:

  • Can also be retrofitted to Boiler Systems, Electric Geyser systems, Solar Water Heating Systems & Heat Pumps to ensure uninterrupted hot water supply.
  • Paloma Temperature controllers can be added to EZ link systems to have full control over hot water temperature at your fingertips. Up to 3 Temperature Controllers can be added to system.

Please Note: Only 26L (Outdoor) & 27L (Indoor) models compatible with MIC-6 Manifold Controller

R 3,250.00

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