Paloma 27 l/m Vertical Termination Flue Kit

Internal Paloma Gas Water Heater Only

  • The flue system is a room sealed concentric design manufactured from high grade stainless steel inner and aluminised steel outer.
  • Separate ventilation for combustion is not required as the air for combustion is supplied in the outer flue.
  • The flue system can be installed with zero clearances from combustible materials.
  • The maximum flue length with no bends can be 13.5 meters.
  • Extension Flues available: 150mm / 300mm / 1 Meter / 45° Elbow / 90° Elbow.


  • 1x Horizontal Termination
  • 1x Flashing Plate
  • 1 x Collar
  • 1 x Condensate Drain Tube


  • 127mm Outer Flue (Diameter)
  • 76mm Inner Flue (Diameter)


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