Paloma 20 l/m

External Gas Water Heater

The Paloma 20 L/min is compact and provides endless hot water as long as you have gas, power and water. The PH-20 delivers a maximum flow rate of 20 litres of water per minute, which is ideal for smaller homes, flats, guest houses, home offices or outbuildings. One unit can easily supply the hot water needs of 1-2 bathrooms and 1 kitchen.

Should a greater quantity of hot water be needed simultaneously, two Paloma 20l per minute water heaters can be installed in parallel so that more hot water can be supplied through one system. This is especially helpful in much larger houses with many bathrooms and hot water taps and in larger office buildings. The two geysers will be electronically managed by the Paloma EZ-Link system so that they operate as one unit, using 1 piping system. Depending on demand, one or both units may be in operation.

All Paloma appliances are available for use with either LPG or Natural Gas.

Hi Service Review:

Paloma is unquestionably one of the best quality brands of thankless gas water heaters you will find in the South African Market. It is versatile and can be installed almost anywhere as well as retrofitted to most hot water systems to ensure even better efficiency. Great backup service, technical assistance, and spares availability. If your looking to invest in luxury gas hot water heating, then Paloma is undoubtedly the best gas water heater to invest in.


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  • Manufactured in Japan since 1930
  • Paloma 20l & 26l models have been custom made for South African conditions & altitude variations within South Africa.
  • Operate on either LP Gas or Natural Gas.
  • Paloma geysers can supply multiple hot water outlets simultaneously
  • Electrically ignited. Can be operated on generator/ inverter/ solar/ computer UPS
  • For outdoor installation.
  • Flueless
  • Paloma units can be installed on existing or new solar systems to boost or back-up solar generated hot water.
  • Flamesafe Protection Systems that automatically shut down the geyser should a fault occur.
  • Optional Remote Control allowing easy setting of water temperatures. Deluxe controllers also offer ‘Bath Fill’ mode & shut-off safety features.
  • EZ-Link allows homes with greater demand for hot water, or areas where ambient temperatures are very low, to link two geysers together to deliver twice the flow.
  • Intelligent hot water delivery using sensor controlled heating to ensure constant water temperature & ensuring only the minimum amount of gas is used at any one time.
  • Sensor controlled water pressure monitor which automatically adjusts water pressure entering the geyser.
  • LED Error Code Display which will display an error code if the geyser should stop operating for any reason. A full list of error codes & solutions can be found in the user manual.
  • ICAD Safety – this is a sensor which monitors combustion products. If excessive levels reached the unit will shut off automatically, ensuring no harmful by-products are emitted.
  • 10 year warranty on the Heat Exchanger unit. 3 year warranty on all piping. 1 year warranty on electronic components.
Description Data
Water Heater Type: Type D – Outdoor Only
Gas Type: LPG / NG
Gas Operating Pressure: 2.8 kPa
Gas Consumption (Min-Max): LPG: 0.4-3.1 kg/h

NG: 21-153 Mj/h

Gas & Water Connections: ¾ / 20mm
Hot Water Output (∆t=25): 20 Litres/min
Min/Max Flow Rate (l/m): 2.5-20 l/m
Suitable Water Pressure: 0.80 – 10 Bar
Min Activation Water Pressure: 0.80 Bar
Min Water Pressure Full Flow: 1.40 Bar
Max Water Pressure Input: 10 Bar
Water Temperature Range: 37-70°C
Power Supply: AC 240V
Power Consumption when in use: 61 Watts (Depending on hot water set Temp)
Power Consumption when on standby: Less than 1 Watt
Dimensions(mm): 520 (H) x 355 (W) x 187 (D)
Weight: 17 kg